• Individual soft cheese knife

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    A unique hand hammered copper soft cheese knife. Measuring about 5" to 6" +- (125 to 150mm +-). It is designed to spread a softer cheese, but it can also cut cheese, amazing, we know. As well as spreading a goat cheese, I like these knives to cut cheddar, and similarly dense cheeses. Wrought from solid salvage copper bar, it is hammered out, annealed, hammered, annealed, hammered...creating a one of a kind instrument. Through hammering the copper becomes work hardened, allowing it to take an edge. One of my frustrations that inspired the development of these pieces is that most commercially available cheese tool sets have the knives so dull you virtually must maim the cheese off. We're adults, in the kitchen with other sharp knives; I don't get it, is it because we'll certainly be drinking wine? the tool should perform its task. The knife has been sharpened. This piece is individually packed in its own flocked vinyl case.