• Individual hard cheese knife

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    A unique hand hammered copper cheese knife. Measuring about 5" to 6" +- (125 to 150mm +-). It is designed to cut a harder cheese, with its broad spine and downward pressing angle. The knife point is for driving into a hard cheese. It can also spread soft cheese, amazing, we know. Wrought from solid salavaged copper bar, it is hammered out, annealed, hammered, annealed, hammered...creating a one of a kind instrument. It is hammered out from a bar, and as I am essentially hammering out the same material as the handle to become the blade, the blade section weighs almost the same as the handle, making it terrifically balanced. Your body naturally senses this balance, and it adds to the pleasurable experience of holding the knife. Through hammering the copper becomes work hardened, allowing it to take an edge. The knife has been sharpened.  This piece is individually packed in its own flocked vinyl case.