Artistic Culinary Ware
  • 24" Charcuterie Board with Copper Keys and Handles


    An artistic 24" Charcuterie Board (cheese board) with copper keys. 24" is the most popular size of all our boards; people tell us that they enjoy its significance, and the impact it makes at a party; and they love how it looks on their wall, where they get to see it every day.

    Traditionally, I would 'fix' a crack in the lumber by employing a wooden butterfly; where a wing would be on each side of the crack, and its dovetail shape would hold the wing in its position, effectively preventing the crack from moving. My use of the thick and deep pieces of copper at opposing angles performs the same function, beautifully stitching the board together. Each board is unique, and the number of keys depends upon the severity of the crack. Once I began using the keys functionally, it gave me license to use them decoratively as the piece demanded. Widths vary, typically between 8" and 12" (250mm-350mm) plus or minus, and with thicknesses of 3/4" to 1" (19mm-25mm). 

    The hand hammered copper handles complement the design, making service easier, and plays on art and function. The handles are generally mounted eccentrically (as opposed to in line with the lengthwise centerline), this actually prevents the board from hinging and is more stable as you carry it. The front of one of the handles is stamped with my name (STEPAN); and the back is signed, with the year stamped in Roman numerals. 

    The back of the board is drilled and t-slotted so that it can be hung on the wall, as art, in either landscape or portrait format. The board is finished with multiple coats of tung oil. Regular oiling is required as maintenance, especially after use (it also makes cleanup easier if the board is well oiled immediately before service). After use we suggest cleaning (of course) with a wipe of soap and water, never submerging in water, and then oiling. Olive oil is fine, and everyone has it; simply wipe on generously, wait ten minutes and wipe off the excess. You may also use oils made specifically for boards, such as lemon oil, walnut oil, etc.. Each board comes with care instructions, as well as a flocked vinyl bag for storage should you choose not to mount it on the wall.