• 24" Charcuterie Board in Zebrawood with Hemlock Forest Fire Growth Rings

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    A dramatic 24"(ish) long Charcuterie Board (cheese board) in Zebrawood with inset and projecting Hemlock Forest Fire growth rings. These boards are SOLD, more like it are in production, contact us to accelerate an order for you.  I have shown it in the two positions I have drilled for hanging. One side of the Hemlock tree burned significantly more than the other. Perhaps it was horizontal, already fallen, or the wind influenced the burn. For me, it animated the pieces, giving them wings, so I composed it like a loose flock of butterflies. When I showed it to my daughter, she saw mushrooms...I can't unsee the mushrooms now...a perfect companion to charcuterie.

    The 395+ hectare arson fire started August 4, 2016, and burned in the very dry humus layer, burning the roots out from under the trees. Burning down, sometimes over 2 feet, made it extremely difficult to fight and contain, and was out of control for some time. The area is now stark, eerie, and feels injured. Yet the moss and ferns, the forest fire morels, the fungi are slowly reviving it.

    The back is engraved with my signature, and dated. The back of the board is also drilled and t-slotted so that it can be hung on the wall, as ART. The board is finished with multiple coats of tung oil. Regular oiling is required as maintenance, especially after use. After use we suggest cleaning (of course) with a wipe of soap and water, never submerging in water, and then oiling. I also suggest oiling before service, it makes it easier to clean, and enhances the grains of the wood. Olive oil is fine, and everyone has it; simply wipe on generously, wait ten minutes and wipe off the excess. You may also use oils made specifically for boards, like lemon oil, walnut oil, etc.. Each board comes with care instructions, as well as a bag for storage should you choose not to mount it on the wall.

    We can ship it directly to you, or to someone as a gift. The $19.00 extra shipping fee almost covers shipping in Canada and the continental U.S..